Official translation of identity card

ID cards are usually used for matters such as doing legal work abroad, obtaining an immigrant or tourist visa, registering a marriage or divorce abroad.

Submission of the original identity card is sufficient for the official translation of the identity card and no other documents are required for the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Justice.

Also, according to the directive of the Civil Registration Organization, the old ID cards are not valid, however, if the person has not succeeded in changing his / her ID card for any reason; Its official translation will be possible.

It should be noted that all events listed in the ID card of marriage, divorce and… as well as its description page must be translated by the translator. Also, if the ID is a duplicate, the word duplicate must be translated, which is displayed in the translation text with the word Duplicate.

In addition, there are descriptions on the last page of some ID cards. If the person has changed his / her name or surname, or the court order and registration need to change or modify the person’s identity card, this explanation will be mentioned on the last page of the identity card and in the translation of the identity card page Descriptions are also translated.

The identity card of a deceased person, if pierced, can be translated even if it is revoked and approved by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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